Because it’s always nice to have a natural, big-boobed newcomer to look forward to, especially when she’s the girl-next-door

Her name is Jasmine Shiraz, she was born in Iran (I believe that makes her our first SCORE Girl from Iran), she lives in southwestern New Jersey and she’s just about as sweet and bubbly as a girl can be. I know that even though when I was interviewing her for SCORELAND, I couldn’t stop staring at her tits, which were popping out of the shirt she’s wearing here. Jasmine packs her naturals into an F-cup bra, but as she told me, “That’s the size bra I wear. It’s not the size of my breasts.” They’re considerably bigger, G- or H-cups, at least, but Jasmine wears a smaller bra because “I like the way they make my boobs look.” And that’s good enough reason for me.

You see, Jasmine, who’s set to make her worldwide debut next week at SCORELAND, is not one to hide her assets. She’s been wearing tight, low-cut tops for as long as she’s had big boobs (which is for as long as she can remember), and she’s very excited to have the chance to whip off her top and bra and show you her tits. She told me so. Her story is one you’re going to enjoy hearing, but that’s for another day (Tuesday and Wednesday, for example).

By the way, Jasmine combines boobs and brains, and one of her favorite shows is Jersey Shore. I know, those facts don’t quite mesh, but who am I to talk? I watch Millionaire Matchmaker.